• Course Good Cleaning Validation Practices, by Destin LeBlanc, 2 days, May 2015:
    This training course was about Cleaning Validation Technologies including the newest updates on the FDA/EMA guidances.
  • Course Trackwise, 1 day, September 2014:
    This training course was about getting a basic understanding of the Trackwise Quality Management System.
  • Course Samarind RMS Regulatory Management Software, internal at Samarind, 1.5 days, June 2011:
    This training course was about getting a basic understanding of the Samarind RMS Regulatory Management Software.
  • Course ISOtrain training management system, internal at Abbott Biologicals, 5 days, June 2011:
    This 5-day training course was about the use of the ISOtrain training management system. It was build up with 3 days of extensive training and 2 days of review and relevant cases.
  • Online course Data Integrity: The Proof ’s in the Inputting, CfPA, Nov. 2009, W.G. Marshall:
    This online webinar provided basic information on how to prevent and find data integrity issues.
  • Online Course Essentials of EU and US Regulatory Affairs for Human Medicinal Products 2.4, Zenosis, May 2008:
    This online course provided a detailed knowledge base of the last EU and US Regulatory Affairs information.
  • Course Solid Dosage Form Manufacturing, Tablet Tech Seminar, FMC Biopolymer, 2 days, October 2007:
    This seminar provided an overview of the latest developments in the analysis and production of solid dosage forms. For instance Design of Experiments, Imaging and Virtual Simulators were covered.
  • Course CMC Submissions in CTD format, CfPA, 2 days, September 2006:
    This course provided an overview of the recent changes in the format and contents of the CTD. Also other registration documents, for instance ANDA, NDA and IND, were handled.
  • Course Scientific Report Writing, NIOW, 2.5 days, October – November 2005:
    This was about how to write a scientific report; mainly based on pharmaceutical validation reports and registration purposes. Focus was on grammar, how to construct a report and the vocabulary.
  • Course Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer, CfPA, 2 days, June 2005:
    This 2-day course handled the pharmaceutical technology transfer between companies, within companies, within sites, etc. including a workshop.
  • Introduction course SAP, 1 day, internal at Solvay Pharm, 2004:
    This course was a basic course on using SAP (Systeme Applikatione Produkte).
  • Course Good Manufacturing Practice, internal at Solvay Pharm., presented by PCS, 2 days, September 2004:
    An internal course on Good Manufacturing Practice rules and criteria.
  • Course Powder technology and Tabletting, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 5 days, July 2004:
    Powder technology and tabletting was handled in a theoretical and a practical part. For instance mixing, compression and film coating were handled in both ways.
  • Course Pharmaceutical technician general part (certificate April 2004):
    A general course on pharmaceutical technical issues, for instance safety and hygiene issues and general information and criteria on excipients.
  • Course Granulation, Tabletting and Capsule Technology, CfPA, 4 days, June 2003:
    An international course on the basic principles of granulation, tabletting and capsulation. Also some more detailed information was discussed.